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Ruben Laine

Born in the Tropical concrete scene of 80’s Caracas, and raised in the polychrome mosh-pits of Art Deco and Neon of Miami Beach: Ruben’s style finds its inspiration in his love of all things science fiction, futurism, bossa nova and anime; Ruben Laine’s body of work spans a prolific kaleidoscope of experiences that range from the organized chaos of Corporate production and Music Touring, to Live and recorded TV and Award Shows, and the polar opposites of timecoded EDM festival shows and experiential design installations.

This latest venture - Creative Integration Studio - aims to merge 20 years of being at the center of all things production: Video Design and Programming, Lighting, Lasers, Automation, Networking, Experiential and more.

Travelaholic. Devoted twitter expert. Student. Meme connoisseur. Experiential design nerd.